Knoxville PrideFest 2017 is an open celebration of music, entertainment and speakers focused on promoting Equality and Inclusion of ALL people. This year it will be held in the Mary Costa Plaza at the Civic Colosseum in downtown Knoxville on June 17, 2017 from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The Pride Parade is at 11am.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, vendors will have the opportunity to display information about their organization and/or business, sell or handout items of interest and interact with our community to promote inclusion and equality for the LGBT citizens of Knoxville and surrounding areas!

Security at Pridefest

In the wake of the terrible shootings in Orlando, we’re sure that a lot of you, like us, are concerned about the security of the Pride events here in Knoxville.   We’ve always taken security seriously at PrideFest since Orlando is certainly not the first act of violence against our community.

As in previous years we will have uniformed KPD officers staffed all day at the event and a strict bag check will be implemented at the public gate.  The gate is manned continuously and all vendors entering the premises may also be subject to search if security concerns are raised.  As in previous years, coolers are not permitted on the grounds unless there is a medical need.  In addition, the staff of Knoxville Pride is working with the Knoxville Police Department and the City administration to make sure that any additional security concerns are addressed prior to and during the event. 

We encourage all guests to be mindful of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to uniformed officers immediately.  Also, as with every year, there will be some people who chose to protest outside the event.  We ask our guests to be respectful of their rights, and not to engage with them!  We’re here to celebrate our community, not give validation or attention to those who oppose diversity and equality.

We welcome your questions and concerns about the event and its security, but please understand that we cannot discuss the specific measures being taken.  If you have specific concerns, or have information about potential threats, we ask that you address them to the Knoxville Police Department at 865-215-7000

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